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2016 portfolio performance released

Ignite Funding believes strongly in transparency, which is why every year we release our Loan Portfolio Performance Record. To highlight in 2016 Ignite Funding paid out $6,588,737 in income to investors at an average 10.22% annualized interest rate.

Since 2011, Ignite Funding has funded $357,522,900 in land acquisition , development and construction of real estate projects throughout the Southwest. 

First Trust Deeds vs. Mortgages: What’s the Difference?



Woman To Watch: Carrie Cook

Place in the Industry

When Carrie Cook says success in real estate is earned – she knows what she’s talking about.

So What Is A Tax Deed?



Trust Deed Investing 101



Real Estate Investing Made Easy



Switch the track of your portfolio

To change your portfolio, you need to change your investment thinking. But how do you do that? First, as an investor you need to discover a different avenue for investing, rather than the traditional route of stocks and bonds. One alternative route would be First Trust Deeds in real estate. At Ignite Funding, we offer First Trust Deed investments that match reliable real estate borrowers with investors seeking capital preservation in collateralized real estate; this alternative allows you to diversify your current portfolio. There are many reasons why Trust Deed investing may be right for you:

Ignite Funding Explains How They Mitigate Real Estate Investments for Investors on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®

Tune into Bloomberg International on Sunday May 15, 2016. See market-by-market listings below.

Step-by-Step Guide to First Trust Deeds

Deciding where to invest your money is never an easy task. The biggest question being, where are you going to get the most return on your investment?

Why invest in real estate in the southwest?

Many have inquired of Ignite Funding as to why all of our projects are in the Southwest U.S. in places like Nevada, Utah, California, Colorado, Arizona and Texas and not throughout the country. The simple answer is viability. 

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