The Right Fit for Your Investors


The Right Fit for Your Investors

Integrate Trust Deeds for Higher Returns

Ignite Funding's investment program was designed to unlock the world of alternative investments for clients entrusting their financial portfolio to an advisor while unlocking the ability to revenue-share. Our unique open-architecture platform gives investors or their appointed advisor the flexibility and independence to choose where and how their investment capital is allocated. Integrating first trust deeds provides diversification and increased results, through 10% - 12% annualized average returns. At Ignite Funding we work as a team to ensure you and your clients experience the same level of outstanding service throughout the entire process.

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*As with all types of investments there are inherent risks when investing in Trust deeds. Money invested in a mortgage broker is not guaranteed to earn any interest or return and is not insured. Before investing, investors will be provided applicable disclosures. Past performance doe snot guarantee future results or success. Ignite Funding requires a $10,000 minimum investment. Ignite Funding recommends that investors meet minimum suitability standards to ensure that the investor's financial conditions and investment goals warrant the risk of the investment.

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