Ignite Funding 2018 Performance Portfolio Breakdown


Ignite Funding 2018 Performance Portfolio Breakdown

Ignite Funding believes strongly in transparency, which is why every year we release our Loan Portfolio Performance Record. To highlight in 2018 Ignite Funding paid out $10,449,912 in income to investors at an average 10.40% annualized interest rate.

Since 2011, Ignite Funding has funded $582,311,250 in land acquisition , development and construction of real estate projects throughout the Southwest. 

The information contained within the Performance Record outlines our 2018 statistics regarding the following: 

  • Number of Borrowers in the year
  • Aggregate number of loans and amount funded
  • Loan type diversification by percentage
  • Average annual interest rate paid to Investors
  • Aggregate loan-to-value ratio
  • Average duration of loan terms

Click here to Get the 2018 Performance Record.

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