Time to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?


Time to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

 If you are a stock market investor, it may be time for you to diversify your investment portfolio. Stocks are excellent investment vehicles if you are willing to accept the increased risk of possibly losing your investment capital. But for the investor who is more risk averse and who cannot afford the constant uncertainty, stock market investments may not yield the desired results. The closer you get to retirement age, the more important it is that you choose investments that preserve your capital. The truth is that the stock market is volatile and carries a high level of risk. The great news is that there are great alternatives to stock market investments for those investors who want above average returns with moderate levels of risk. One such alternative is investing in real estate through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding real estate allows investors to get a passive introduction to investing in real estate without the need for large capital outlays and with the opportunity to earn attractive annual returns. Once you identify a project that is of interest, you make your investment in it along with several other investors who seek to capitalize on the potential returns from that project. The projects are vetted by seasoned underwriters who evaluate the project and borrower against very high standards. As an investor, you get to choose which projects you invest in as well as which borrowers your funds are lent to. Investment funds are used to assist developers across the Southwest U.S. with acquisition, development, construction or renovation costs. Your funds grow their company capabilities, provide jobs and expand vibrant communities.

Investing through Deeds of Trust are:                                                                                          

  • Great entry point for those new to real estate investing 
  • Compliment to an advance portfolio strategy and 
  • Offer a 'turn-key' passive option to earn income through real estate investing

 All borrowers are carefully screened and loans are secured with Promissory Notes that have been secured by the collateral and recorded on the Deed of Trust. In return for your investment, you get the opportunity to earn monthly interest payments which may be sent directly to your chosen savings or checking account. Explore how ‘turn-key’ real estate investing may be right for you.

 Guide to becoming an trust deed investor


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