4 Reasons Why a Business Should Invest in Trust Deeds


4 Reasons Why a Business Should Invest in Trust Deeds

Are you a savvy business owner looking for an alternative way to build your firm’s net worth? When you invest in Trust Deeds with Ignite Funding, you have the opportunity to earn double-digit returns annually on your company’s surplus cash. If you are unfamiliar with this type of investment, Trust Deeds are passive, fixed income investments in turnkey real estate projects collateralized by real property.Ignite Funding works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, such as sole proprietorships, C-Corps, S-Corps, partnerships, unincorporated corporations, limited liability companies, non-profit organizations, associations or clubs. If you are looking for an alternative way to grow your company’s surplus cash, here are 4 reasons why investing in Trust Deeds with Ignite Funding might be the smart business move for you and your company.


Ignite Funding offers an annualized, fixed rate of return of 10% to 12% on each Trust Deed investment, paid out to investors as monthly interest payments. There are no hidden fees, you earn the full percentage of interest on your principle investment. You will not usually see this type of return on investments in traditional avenues such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

Another scenario to consider is when there is an economic downturn, typically consumer spending will drop, causing your business revenue to decrease. Meanwhile, your Trust Deed investments will continue to provide your business with a steady stream of fixed income, compensating for the lack of income being produced by normal business activities until things pick-up again.


As you would with your own retirement portfolio, you should keep your business investment portfolio diversified as well. Trust Deed investments are inversely correlated with the traditional market of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Trust Deeds are also collateralized by real property, mitigating the risk of losing all of your principal like you would if you invest in the stock of a company that goes belly-up.

Ignite Funding offers investments in projects in various states, in both commercial and residential projects, and phases of development (i.e. acquisition, development, construction/rehabilitation). This will allow you to diversify the types of real estate you hold within your own real estate investment portfolio.

Low Barrier

Ignite Funding is licensed and regulated as a mortgage broker in the state of Nevada, allowing us to enforce suitability requirements that are more flexible than companies that can only offer their investments to accredited investors. An entity is considered an accredited investor if it is a private business or organization with assets exceeding $5 million, or the entity consists of equity owners who are all accredited investors. The minimum financial requirements for Ignite Funding are: the business net worth is more than $250,000 (excluding equity in property used as the primary residence); or the business net income was more than $70,000 for each of the previous 2 tax years, with reasonable expectation of continuing to attain that amount in proceeding years.

These real estate projects are “crowdfunded” by thousands of other investors, allowing Ignite Funding to establish a low minimum of $10,000 per investment. Also, opening an account with Ignite Funding is free and can easily be completed online, negating any monetary cost to your business and taking only a minimal amount of time.

Minimal Effort

These investments are truly passive, allowing you to continue to focus on your normal business activities. Ignite Funding is a full-service Trust Deed investment company, all of our operations are handled in-house. We vet each borrower, underwrite every loan, monitor each project and borrower, distribute each payment and pay-off, and handle every default or foreclosure scenario until resolution, as needed. All you have to do is choose your project, sign the investment documents, and then sit-back and watch the interest funnel in every month.

As with any investment, we strongly encourage you to perform your due diligence on Ignite Funding and take a look at our past performance records to ensure that this type of investment aligns with your tolerance for risk. Need some more answers to help you decide if investing in Trust Deeds is right for your business income goals? Schedule a 15 minute no obligation consultation with one of our Investment Representatives to see how other business owners like you are earning double-digit returns with Ignite Funding.


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