Keep Vegas Strong: Invest in Your Community


Keep Vegas Strong: Invest in Your Community

Calling all Las Vegas, Nevada residents! Are you earning double-digit annualized returns on your investments AND investing in your community? With Trust Deed investments at Ignite Funding, you have the opportunity to do both! Las Vegas, Nevada has been Ignite Funding’s home since 2011, so we take pride in the long-term relationships we have established with the homebuilders and private investors that are pivotal to the growth of our own backyard.

To date, Ignite Funding has facilitated 447 real estate investments funded with over $300 million in investor capital, providing 27 borrowers in Nevada with the ability to acquire and develop over 7,000 acres of land and 4,000 residential lots.

Become a part of the movement of local companies like us and local investors like you to continue to keep Vegas strong!

Watch this quick clip to learn how you can start investing in your community!

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