$50 Million in Interest Income Distributed to Trust Deed Investors


$50 Million in Interest Income Distributed to Trust Deed Investors

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ignite Funding today announced that on February 15, 2019 they have distributed more than $50 million dollars in interest income from their Trust Deed investments to their investors over the past 8 years.

As a licensed commercial mortgage broker, Ignite Funding is the conduit in connecting bankable borrowers with sophisticated investors seeking collateralized real estate investment opportunities.  There are an abundance of borrowers seeking capital to build residential communities and commercial projects throughout the Southwestern United States.  The borrowers pay an interest rate which earns Ignite Funding investors 9 to 12% in annualized returns.  Investors at Ignite Funding are the bank for the borrowers.

Investors that wish to learn more about Ignite Funding's real estate investments can do so by visiting ignitefunding.com and by reviewing client comments on the BBB, Facebook and Google.

Ignite Funding encourages potential real estate investors to participate in the next $50 million distributed.

About Ignite Funding
Ignite Funding fills a lending gap by providing homebuilders and developers a reliable lending source not available with small, mid-size and large financial institutions. This gap in lending options allows investors an opportunity to participate in real estate investments that offer double-digit annualized returns to build wealth in their retirement portfolio.

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