Ignite Funding Announces Proven Investment Advisor Platform


Ignite Funding Announces Proven Investment Advisor Platform

Ignite Funding (Ignite), providing a turn-key alternative investment solution allowing investors earned income on collateralized trust deeds, proudly unveils their Investment Advisor Program. Designed to unlock the world of alternative investments for clients entrusting their financial portfolio to an advisor. The program provides advisors, RIAs, financial planners and/or family offices to integrate short-term trust deed investing into their clients' portfolios seamlessly. Ignite's unique open-architecture platform gives investors or their appointed advisor flexibility and independence to choose where and how their investment capital is used among acquisition, development or construction loans for commercial homebuilders.

Integrating trust deeds provides diversification, enabling advisors the ability to be a catalyst for turn-key real estate investments and double digit results. "The partnerships between Ignite and Financial Advisors is a win-win," said Carrie Cook, President of Ignite Funding. "Ignite gains client relationships which allows us to offer more trust deed investments, the advisor gets to offer a greater selection of investments for their clients and gets to participate in the growth. These relationships are opening up a whole-new world of alternative investments that is not reliant on the stock market by integrating their trusted advisor."  Ignite Funding clients and their advisors receive online access to their accounts, for up-to-the minute access to their real estate assets, interest payments received and payoff details.

About Ignite Funding   
Ignite Funding is a "turn-key" real estate investment solution matching qualified borrowers with sophisticated investors seeking capital preservation, transparency, diversification, and consistent monthly income through collateralized trust deeds. Founded in 1995, Ignite Funding provides investors a way to diversify their investment portfolio in Deeds of Trust. Ignite Funding is licensed with the Nevada MLD as a Mortgage Broker and California Department of Oversight as a Finance Lender and Broker. Visit www.Ignitefunding.com

*Money invested through a mortgage broker is not guaranteed to earn any interest and is not insured. Prior to investing, investors must be provided applicable disclosure documents.

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