Hard Money Lender Combats Common Industry Misconceptions


Hard Money Lender Combats Common Industry Misconceptions

Ignite Funding earned the highest compliance examination score a licensed mortgage broker can achieve from the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending. Nevada has some of the most stringent licensing requirements, lending practice regulations and oversight in the nation.

"Nevada is one of the few states that don't allow exemptions from licensing as a commercial broker," says Misty Bethany, the Chief Compliance Officer at Ignite Funding. "We are held to the same high standards as residential lenders, and we regularly exceed our compliance requirements."

Lack of oversight and questionable lending practices are one of a handful of common misconceptions that surround hard money lenders. Ignite Funding strives to combat these misconceptions into submission with achievements like exceeding compliance standards, providing educational content as well as unprecedented transparency.

"We strongly encourage each investor to perform their due diligence on any company they choose to invest their hard earned money with, even to the point of encouraging them to call our State regulatory body directly to confirm how compliant we are," affirms Carrie Cook, the President of Ignite Funding.

Misinformation can lead to missed opportunity. Learn more about hard money lenders in the FREE whitepaper, "5 Misconceptions of Trust Deed Investing", and begin your due diligence by reviewing Ignite Funding's annual Loan Portfolio Performance Record dating back to its inception in 2011.

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Ignite Funding proves that real estate lending does not stop because of an epidemic as its investors continue to fill the gap left by traditional bank lending. Ignite Funding is quickly approaching $1 billion funded in real estate projects financed by private investors seeking double-digit annualized returns collateralized by real property.

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