Ignite Funding Accelerates Past Major Milestone in Lending


Ignite Funding Accelerates Past Major Milestone in Lending

On August 3rd, 2021, Ignite Funding, a hard money lender, crossed the $1 billion dollar mark in funding residential and commercial real estate loans. It was just last year that Ignite Funding announced the milestone of $750 million funded, which puts this new achievement under their belt at record pace.

“If it were not for the loyalty of our investors and the ingenuity of our borrowers, Ignite Funding would not have had the opportunity to sprint past this milestone,” states Carrie Cook, the President of Ignite Funding. “It’s truly a symbiotic relationship between the two. Our borrowers continue to bring great real estate projects to the table, and our investors readily bridge the gap left by traditional lending, and then both parties get to reap the returns.”

While this achievement might cause another company to shift into “cruise control”, Ignite Funding does not intend to ease up on the gas pedal.

“We always have a finger on the pulse of both the real estate investment and the lending industries so that Ignite Funding is right in the thick of the competition,” affirms Ms. Cook. “We are not afraid to tackle the growing pains that stem from this necessity and to adapt as needed.”

About Ignite Funding

Ignite Funding is the conduit in connecting bankable borrowers with sophisticated investors seeking double-digit returns via real estate investment opportunities collateralized by Trust Deeds. If you are a developer in search of lending that aligns with your goals, Click Here to review our lending criteria and schedule a consultation with the Director of Underwriting.

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