Step-by-Step Guide to Trust Deeds


Step-by-Step Guide to Trust Deeds

Deciding where to invest your money is never an easy task. The biggest question being, where are you going to get the most return on your investment?

With the stock market being so erratic and unpredictable, people are looking now, more than ever for other ways to intelligently invest their money and diversify their investment portfolio. That's where we here at Ignite Funding come into play. We specialize in Trust Deed Investments, connecting borrowers and investors in the real estate world. Trust Deed investing provides you the ability to easily become a real estate investor substantiated with collateral, without all the hassle traditionally involved with real estate. Being an investor, your name is on the deed of trust in a first lien position on the property and the invested money is lent to a developer seeking to acquire, develop or construct their project, immediately earning you interest on the your money.

It’s important to both us and the borrower that you know the great significance of your role as an investor and why these borrowers are seeking your help. Banks do not lend to midsize commercial developers, nor do they lend on the land itself, requiring the developers to acquire funds elsewhere. This brings you and them together, essentially having YOU step in to be the bank! As an investor, whether the interest is in the commercial or residential sector, we have the resources necessary to make you feel comfortable in allowing us to bring your retirement plan into fruition.

The first step in initiating your plan to becoming a real estate investor and taking your ideas off paper and into reality is getting into contact with one of our Investment Representatives. They will provide you some general knowledge on the type of projects our borrowers need funding for, dialog about our very high underwriting standards and how we mitigate risk. Our Representatives can be contacted via phone, email or in person at our offices.

After speaking with a Representative, we then really start to get the ball rolling on your investment by opening your account. This entails downloading your personalized investor kit and ensuring all of the required paperwork is completed based on your unique investment desires. From there, we can provide you with all of the in-depth information necessary to make a strong and confident decision about which one of our many available investment projects best suits you.

Now that you have decided which project to invest in, you're probably thinking, "when will I start to see a return on my investment and how often will I be receiving payments?" You start accruing interest on your investment immediately upon the loan being funded, interest payments are made the first of each month and forwarded directly to you or returned to your self-directed IRA. Once the project is completed, your capital is returned to you. It's common to see a double digit return on your investment yearly, earning you a portion of that monthly throughout the project.

Below is the link to the investment tab of our website where you will be able to get started on all of the steps mentioned above, Happy Investing!

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