Who Likes Fees? Investors Pay Zero Fees at Ignite Funding


Who Likes Fees? Investors Pay Zero Fees at Ignite Funding

Fees…a word many investors loathe. A word that screams negativity to your yearly returns. But did you know, Ignite Funding investors don’t have to deal with the word “fees”. They don’t have to deal with accounts fees, investor fees or an establishment fee.

To invest in Trust Deeds at Ignite Funding, an investor does not have to be accredited. An investor does not have to pay fees to open an account or to start investing; seriously! With a low barrier to entry of $10,000, Ignite Funding offers collateralized real estate investments with attractive double digit returns. Now isn’t that something you would want as an investor? No fees, double digit returns and mitigated risk, that’s what Ignite Funding is all about.

The projects that Ignite Funding offers have gone through a stringent underwriting process so that investors can have peace of mind that their investment dollars are in good hands. Need proof? Review our performance record: https://ignitefunding.com/performance-record/

If you are looking to invest in real estate, earn passive income and don’t want to deal with fee after fee, schedule a 15 minute consultation with one of our investment agents today and see how thousands of investors like you are earning great returns.

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