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Trust Deeds: A Real Estate Investment for All Investors














Adding commercial real estate to an investment portfolio used to be reserved for the very wealthy. Thanks to new technology, anyone with a couple hundred dollars and an appetite for risk can find an entry point for investments these days. Given the greater accessibility and with the commercial real estate market making a comeback in key cities, it may be time for you to consider this type of investment.

An Alternative Option for Portfolio Manager: Ignite Funding Heads to Silicon Valley to Educate Advisors about Trust Deeds.


Ignite Funding will be attending the ALTS SV 2018 annual investor forum on September 17th in Silicon Valley. The event is produced by the California Alternative Investments Association and CFA Society of San Francisco. Dawn Pitts, Business Development Executive at Ignite Funding is excited to head back to Silicon Valley, “This is our second year attending ALTS SV and we look forward to educating attendees about Trust Deeds and how they can be utilized as a source for passive income.”

Ignite Funding Proves Trust Deed Investments Build Communities and Wealth for Investors with Half a Billion Funded

Half A Billion FINAL

Ignite Funding announced that on May 18, 2018 they surpassed half a billion dollars in Trust Deed investments on behalf of its thousands of investors. As a licensed commercial broker, Ignite Funding is the conduit in connecting bankable borrowers with sophisticated investors seeking collateralized real estate investment opportunities. These 970 real estate investments provided 41 borrowers in 11 states with the ability to acquire and develop over 10,000 acres of land, 7,000 residential lots and 600,000 square feet of commercial space.

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