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Switch the track of your portfolio

To change your portfolio, you need to change your investment thinking. But how do you do that? First, as an investor you need to discover a different avenue for investing, rather than the traditional route of stocks and bonds. One alternative route would be Trust Deeds in real estate. At Ignite Funding, we offer Trust Deed investments that match reliable real estate borrowers with investors seeking capital preservation in collateralized real estate; this alternative allows you to diversify your current portfolio. There are many reasons why Trust Deed investing may be right for you:

Step-by-Step Guide to Trust Deeds

Deciding where to invest your money is never an easy task. The biggest question being, where are you going to get the most return on your investment?

Why invest in real estate in the southwest?

Many have inquired of Ignite Funding as to why all of our projects are in the Southwest U.S. in places like Nevada, Utah, California, Colorado, Arizona and Texas and not throughout the country. The simple answer is viability. 

Time to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

 If you are a stock market investor, it may be time for you to diversify your investment portfolio. Stocks are excellent investment vehicles if you are willing to accept the increased risk of possibly losing your investment capital. But for the investor who is more risk averse and who cannot afford the constant uncertainty, stock market investments may not yield the desired results. The closer you get to retirement age, the more important it is that you choose investments that preserve your capital. The truth is that the stock market is volatile and carries a high level of risk. The great news is that there are great alternatives to stock market investments for those investors who want above average returns with moderate levels of risk. One such alternative is investing in real estate through crowdfunding.



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Ignite Featured in Business World Magazine

Business World Magazine features Ignite Funding and Carrie Cook. Ignite Funding Sparks Double Digit Interest in Crowdfunding Real Estate by Rob Bryant, editor.

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