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Step-by-Step Guide to First Trust Deeds


Deciding where to invest your money is never an easy task. The biggest question being, where are you going to get the most return on your investment?

Why invest in real estate in the southwest?

Many have inquired of Ignite Funding as to why all of our projects are in the Southwest U.S. in places like Nevada, Utah, California, Colorado, Arizona and Texas and not throughout the country. The simple answer is viability. 

2015 portfolio performance released

Ignite Funding believes strongly in transparency, which is why every year we release our Loan Portfolio Performance Record. To highlight in 2015 Ignite Funding paid out $5,952,073 in income to investors at an average 10.53% annualized interest rate.

Since 2011, Ignite Funding has funded $281,758,500 in land acquisition , development and construction of real estate projects throughout the Southwest. 

seminar series: crowdfunded investment

Our 2016 Real Estate Investment Seminar Series continues Thursday, February 25th 6p-7p at Ignite Funding in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Time to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

 If you are a stock market investor, it may be time for you to diversify your investment portfolio. Stocks are excellent investment vehicles if you are willing to accept the increased risk of possibly losing your investment capital. But for the investor who is more risk averse and who cannot afford the constant uncertainty, stock market investments may not yield the desired results. The closer you get to retirement age, the more important it is that you choose investments that preserve your capital. The truth is that the stock market is volatile and carries a high level of risk. The great news is that there are great alternatives to stock market investments for those investors who want above average returns with moderate levels of risk. One such alternative is investing in real estate through crowdfunding.


Tune in to E! Entertainment as sponsored programming on Thursday, February 11, 2016 and Bloomberg International as sponsored programming on Sunday, February 14, 2016 featuring Ignite Funding.

The details of KD Commerce

We've got a great loan that we're pretty excited about,  KD Commerce.

KD Commerce is a First Trust Deed collateralized by 64 partially completed residential lots and 36 finished lots. Located on the Northeast corner of West Centennial Parkway and North Commerce Street in North Las Vegas, Nevada. During the term of the loan the borrower will finish the development of the partially and fully developed lots and begin selling homes in the community. These lots represent the second phase of the planned development. Phase one of this community has been completed and is fully occupied with multi-duplex units averaging 2,000 square feet in size. This loan represents the second phase of the community.

  • First Trust Deed
  • Loan Amount: $4,950,000
  •  Yield: (principal value > $100,000): 11.25%, (principal value < $100,000): 11.00%
  • Term: 12 Months with one optional 12 month extension at maturity.


Those are the basic details, but there's more to this loan... 

real estate missteps


Real estate investing has been around so long that most people know someone that has invested in real estate and done well, until a major market correction happens of course. But regardless the fantasy of earning passive income to support your family, build for retirement or just diversify your savings through real estate is a pretty common dream. “Once an adjusted market starts to rebound, investing in real property also becomes more appealing,” states Pat Currey writer for He further goes on to state that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about investing in real estate.

FUNDINGS 11-13-15

It's been busy at Ignite Funding the past couple of weeks with so many new loans to fill, but we've done it.

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