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What’s on the Horizon for Real Estate Investing in Las Vegas

Pat Vassar, Ignite Funding’s Director of Underwriting, has over 18 years of experience in real estate analysis and underwriting. Most of that time has been dedicated to identifying quality borrowing entities and underwriting real estate development projects in regions like Ignite Funding’s hometown, the Las Vegas Valley.

Phases of Real Estate: Understanding Acquisition Projects

When you participate in a Trust Deed investment at Ignite Funding, you are essentially acting as a private lender for real estate development. As a private lender, it is vital to have a greater understanding of the different phases of development and what they entail. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to real estate development than simply erecting a building on a piece of land.

Lending Expansion: Ignite Funding Cultivates Roots in New Regions

About 6 years ago, we discussed why Ignite Funding concentrates it’s lending in the southwest region of the U.S (i.e., Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona). While the southwest is still Ignite Funding’s primary footprint, if you take a look at our previously funded investments within the last 2-3 years you will see that we have expanded our reach to consistently lend in states such as Washington and Idaho. You will also notice that we are lending on projects on the complete opposite side of the country. 

Will Online Crowdfunding Platforms Endure a Real Estate Market Correction?

There is no doubt that the rise of online crowdfunding platforms altered the face of the real estate lending industry. Real estate crowdfunding companies appeared overnight and quickly became one of the most popular ways for the average investor to participate in investments that were once reserved for the very wealthy.

3 Secret Ingredients to Maximize the Benefits of Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed investing with Ignite Funding provides our clients with a number of benefits that they cannot achieve with their typical Wall Street assets simply due to the nature of those investments. Trust Deed investments generate a passive, fixed income, enable capital preservation due to a collateralized tangible asset on every investment, and adds diversification within their investment portfolio. 

Ignite Funding Secures 2nd Year on INC 5000

Ignite Funding is proud to announce that it has secured its place on the INC 5000’s list of fastest-growing, privately owned companies for the second year in a row. Ignite Funding was ranked No. 4886, moving up from No. 4928 in 2020.

Ignite Funding Accelerates Past Major Milestone in Lending

On August 3rd, 2021, Ignite Funding, a hard money lender, crossed the $1 billion dollar mark in funding residential and commercial real estate loans. It was just last year that Ignite Funding announced the milestone of $750 million funded, which puts this new achievement under their belt at record pace.

Cash Investors: How You Send Your Funds Matters

The way you transfer your cash to make an investment at Ignite Funding can be detrimental to the safety of those funds, as well as the speed in which they are received. The security of your investment is Ignite Funding’s highest priority, which is why we are taking the time to help educate you on ways you can mitigate your exposure to certain risks while your cash is in transit.

Loan Closing: It's Not Always a Walk in the Park

Delays are a reality of the real estate industry, whether it is in getting the loan closed, the development or the construction phase. If you have ever purchased a house before, there is a good chance you experienced a delay in closing on your home; or you may have heard the horror stories from friends and family. Regardless, the same thing can happen in commercial lending, including Trust Deed investments at Ignite Funding. There are so many moving parts to close a loan between the borrower, the lender, and the Title company, that delays are just inevitable. The frequency that Ignite Funding funds loans on a monthly basis will of course subject us to more potential postponements.

Real Estate Investing is Not A One Trick Pony Game

Ignite Funding, a hard money lender, experienced zero defaults in 2020, a pitfall that many lenders and real estate developers were unable to avoid due to the global pandemic. Ignite Funding has not taken this achievement lightly, knowing that many in the lending industry were not left unscathed. Ignite Funding attributes this success to their lending philosophies and the various steps they take to mitigate the company’s overall exposure to risk. Risk mitigation is exceedingly important as Ignite Funding’s sole operation is to provide thousands of investors the opportunity to participate in real estate investments through Trust Deeds.

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